March 2024 Update: We’re thrilled to announce that we’re not just creating one documentary film but an entire trilogy – a series of three transformative and groundbreaking films designed to nurture children and empower families towards a better future. The first instalment is detailed below.

We can’t wait to bring you the first documentary trilogy of its kind with you.

Beautiful Souls

In a world full of difference, LOVE makes all the difference

What is this film about?

Beautiful souls is a groundbreaking, observational documentary film about a single mother who embarks on a crusade to understand the epidemic of child neurodevelopmental disorders and inspire radical changes in how we think about them.

Focusing on the powerful and emotional stories of families with children with behavioural issues, beautiful souls is a moving indictment of the systems that fail them, chronicling the parents’ struggles to keep their families together, whilst many themselves are dealing with their own mental health challenges.

The film will paint a startling picture of how families are suffering behind closed doors with their obliviousness to the future ahead of them.

In Beautiful Souls, we suggest that it may be time to stop asking what’s wrong with our children, and start asking what is wrong with the systems and how can we improve them.

Whilst telling the raw and intimate stories of Becca, and the families, Becca recruits a team of experts, to take the families on a beautiful journey to wellness, revealing what it takes for anyone to get well and lead the healthy life they deserve.

The film also exposes four broader issues:

1. Lack of support for overwhelmed families and the misinformation provided to them;

2. The lack of knowledge and resources which has led to constraints and failures in the education systems;

3. The long-term concerns of the ‘one pill to save them all’ solution, currently offered by health professionals and the rise of co-morbid disorders as a result of them

4. The insecurity of ‘future’ dreams for neuro-diverse children

Watch a sample of the Archival Footage

Becca had been documenting her struggles for years in personal videos and didn’t know for what purpose, until she came up with the idea for the documentary film and realised how important this raw footage was to show her journey throughout the film. As with all her work, Becca has hidden the identity of her children, and will continue to do so unless they give their permission to feature in her work when they are older.

Music is the Universal Language of the Soul

Music is an integral part of this groundbreaking film and was one of the first elements that Becca had envisaged in the development of the film. Becca instantly knew when she listened to the songs what type of scenes they would fit. Interestingly, 95% of the songs chosen have the word “soul” in their lyrics.

Sit back, relax and listen to a small sample of the beautiful songs from some amazing artists.

You may be wondering…

How is this film different to other documentary films?

Using the stunning backdrop of the Northern Rivers in New South Wales, Australia, music from some incredible artists, unique animation by Victor Hugo, and powerful story telling, this film will engage all the senses and take the audience on an unforgettable and moving journey. It will not be like any other documentary film ever made.

How bad is the problem?

An estimated 12% of the population are neurodiverse and 20% are experiencing a mental health condition.  Worryingly, this is increasing year on year. In relation to parents managing their children’s conditions, the stories are very disturbing and can be found here.

Where will I be able to watch it after the film is made?

Everywhere – we have a big vision for festivals, theatrical cinema release, video-on-demand (VOD) streaming and an exciting, viral social impact campaign, which you can find more about below. Everyone will be able take something away from this extraordinary film and it will create a ripple effect of learning for future generations.

When will the film be made?

Becca’s film is currently in the development stage and she is seeking like-minded producers to help bring this film to life. Becca plans to commence filming in 2024. She will provide regular updates to the community, including all donors, on the Instagram page here and Documentary Australia Foundation’s website, who is the fiscal sponsor. You can find out more here.

Have any other questions? Please ask us here.

Sounds exciting, how can I help?

Making a film is no easy feat. Becca has been working on the idea for nearly three years. She appreciates all the help the community offers. There are three main things you can help with:

Make a Donation

All donations are tax-deductible & gratefully received through our sponsorship partner here. Plus we will put your name in the film credits.

Become a Sponsor

If you have a business whose values align with wellness, children, parenting or mental health, we would love to hear from you. Click here for more info.

Spread the Word

Share this page with your friends, family and loved ones and let’s start building a community that cares about families’ mental health now.

Social Impact Campaign

Giving the children a voice and the power back to the parents

Title: #DiagnoseRight


The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about the issue of children being misdiagnosed with neurodiversity and mental health challenges and to promote the need for a more accurate and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Target Audience:

Parents, caregivers, mental health professionals, teachers, and policymakers.

Key Message:

Accurate diagnosis and proper treatment are essential for children’s mental health and wellbeing, and a comprehensive approach to diagnosis is necessary to avoid misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

Campaign Activities:

1. Social media campaign: Launch a social media campaign with the hashtag #DiagnoseRight

2. Awareness-raising events: Organise awareness-raising events in different communities, schools, and mental health organisations.

3. Advocacy campaign: Partner with mental health organisations and professionals to advocate for policy changes that improve access to quality mental health care for children.

4. Education campaign: Develop educational materials and resources for parents, caregivers, and mental health professionals to improve understanding of mental health disorders and how to accurately diagnose them.

5. Research campaign: Encourage funding for research into the causes and treatment of mental health disorders in children. 


The campaign will raise awareness about the issue of children’s mental health being misdiagnosed and the need for a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. It will also promote policy changes, education, and research to improve access to quality mental health care for children, whilst empowering the parents with the right parenting tools and strategies. Ultimately, the #DiagnoseRight campaign will contribute to the better mental health and wellbeing of children and their families.

Casting Call

Do you want to feature in our documentary and receive the much-needed assistance for your family? Have you exhausted all other options and still struggling to find relief for your neurodiverse child? Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and worried about your family’s future?

Our film aims to provide the support you need, and the best part is, it won’t cost you anything. We are currently accepting Expressions of Interest and will provide further details on how to apply formally during pre-production.

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